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What do you think of Google+’s disappearance from the lineup?

Google has profoundly changed the course of the World Wide Web, there’s no doubt about that. Its innovative products continue to define the technology space, from Glass to driverless cars, but I think it’s fair to say one area Google wasn’t ready for was social networking.

Which seems silly given the vast amounts of information it has on searchers and its understanding of how people are using the internet. How could it have gone wrong?

Today is Google’s annual developer’s conference,Google I/O, and it seems a particular product, Google+, is not on the agenda. Even though Google My Business just rolled out to users, its lack of conference time is garnering attention.

There’s not time for one tiny session on what’s happening with the platform? While Google+ has its merits for social networking, it’s kind of been the butt of jokes in the social sphere. Was it because they were late to the game? Was it because users were hesitant to move to another network? Or, was it the forceful push for users to combine their networks under the Google umbrella, for example YouTube users being pushed to a Google+ account.

No matter what caused so many marketing memes and jokes around it, Google seems to be moving away from its focus on social. With more than 300 million users, Google cannot just drop the network nor do I think that’s the route they would go, but it does beg the question: should you continue to focus on Google+?

I still think Google+ is a good network to include in your overall toolkit for social media marketing, at least for now. Until Google publicly announces what it’s doing with the platform, it’s still a valuable way to reach and engage your followers.

What do you think of Google+’s disappearance from the lineup?