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The Reason You’re Seeing More #Dogs In Your @Facebook Feed

You’ve probably noticed a growing number of dog photos popping up on your Facebook feed recently. It turns out, those precious pooches are all part of a simple, yet amazing cause.

At age 16, Arizona native Anthony is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The chemotherapy and treatment take a lot out of Anthony, but the one thing that always makes him smile is the sweet face of a loving dog. He’s able to spend time with pet therapy pups a few times a week, but for the days when he’s not able to see them, friends and family members decided to start a Facebook event, Photo Doggies For Anthony. On the page, thousands of dog owners have shared pictures of their own dogs from all over the United States, in an effort to cheer up Anthony. 

In just a few short weeks, the page has received more than half a million adorable pup pics, each one putting a smile on Anthony’s face during his difficult time.

Ivy from Washington


Diesel from Pennsylvania


Silas and Scout from Georgia

Parker, Suzie, and Mimi from Virginia


Colt and Lilly from South Carolina


Wrigley from Michigan


Finnegan from Connecticut


Brady from Massachusetts

(source Facebook)

The family and their friends say this shows not only the healing power of pet therapy and animals in general, but also how amazing animal lovers can be for those in times of need. Anthony’s mom Kristen, who helps run the event, said, “We are really feeling the love from you and your pets in this difficult time.”

Be sure to check out all the adorable doggies on Facebook and feel free to include your own pooch in the photo project. After all, everyone could use a few more cute pups in their day.