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How to take advantage of #FREE Community #College

Updated: Friday, January 9 2015, 11:20 PM EST Rochester, N.Y. – President Obama announced an ambitious proposal to lower the cost of education and make community college free Friday.  Two years free at a community college for half and full-time students who maintain 2.5 GPA at schools that offer credit that can be put toward a 4-year degree or do job training programs. The federal government would cover 75-percent of the cost, and then the states would have to come up with the rest –  but there are few details to explain where the billions of dollars will come from. “Any time that you can provide access to education, it’s worth the investment,” said Lloyd Holmes. The Vice President for Student Affairs at Monroe Community College, Holmes said MCC is excited about the proposal. “Our mission is to is to provide access to individuals to a diverse populations so we can have an impact on the community.”  Holmes said he expects the student population to grow the most in the jobs training programs, if the proposal is approved. Holmes said, “You look at the jobs that are available out there and we don’t have the people with the knowledge or the skills to fill those jobs. This is going to have a great impact on that and it’s not going to be just for MCC it’s going to have an impact on the economy, our local community, the country as a whole.”

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