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#Facebook is increasing the price to advertise

NewRightHandSideAdsRollout650Facebook announced that it will begin rolling out its redesigned right-hand-side ads early next week. The revamp of those ad units was originally announced in April.

The social network said in April that the new look for right-hand-side ads was aimed at providing a better experience for users, but tests also showed up to three times more engagement, clearly benefiting advertisers.

Facebook also pointed out at the time:

Because the updated ads mirror the overall shape of desktop News Feed ads, marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed and right-hand-column placements. They can now use the same image for both.

The social network mirrored many of the same points in its announcement Friday in a post on the Facebook for Business page:

The redesign of right-hand-column ads is part of an ongoing initiative to improve our ads in general. Advertising can — and should — be additive to people’s experiences on Facebook. In early tests, we’ve observed significantly higher click-through rates from people shown the new design versus the old. These results suggest that we’re on the right path: People are finding the new right-hand column ads more engaging, and advertisers, therefore, are getting more value for their ad impressions.

As we mentioned in April, the new format of right-hand column ads means people will see fewer ads on Facebook. So as people begin to see the new format, we’d like to share what this means for advertisers.

With fewer ads available in the right-hand column, we expect that overall competition for ad space on Facebook will increase. This means that some advertisers may see increased prices at auction. We recognize that this may be an unwelcome development for some businesses, particularly those that count raw impressions as an overall indicator of success for their campaigns. However, it is our belief that the overall value delivered through this more engaging ad format will offset any potential decreases in impressions.

Not all ad impressions are created equal on Facebook — or anywhere else, for that matter. The increased visibility of the new right-hand column ads, combined with our strong targeting features, like custom audiences and partner categories, means marketers are better-equipped than ever before to deliver beautiful, relevant messages that help drive key business results.

It is an ongoing process, trying to make Facebook equally valuable for people and advertisers, and we still have a long way to go in bringing our vision fully to reality. As we promised in our post about organic reach a few weeks ago, we’ll continue to be upfront about what you can expect from us, and we’ll continue to listen to learn how we can do better. Thanks, as always, for working with us.

Readers: What do you think about the new look for right-hand-side ads?