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City of #Rochester received over 300 name suggestions for #Midtown rising development

Rochester, N.Y. — Mayor Lovely Warren says there has been an overwhelming response from residents about what to name the street and open space area at the Midtown Rising development site. The more than 300 suggestions included references to Midtown’s past and individuals associated with Rochester’s historic past. Other suggestions where a little more creative like: “Garbage Plate Alley”, “Tweedledee Plaza and Tweedledum Street”, “Rattlesnake Pete Place”, “Feels So Good Street”, “Meet-Me-At-The-Lane”, “Young Lion Way”, and “Champs Elysee”. The new street will begin at East Main Street, opposite the Liberty Pole, and run south to Elm Street. There will also be a .58 acre plaza between South Clinton Street and the new street. The city plans to choose the name of the new street and plaza at a meeting on May 12. The new street and parking garage are expected to open by the end of May.

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